Broken Staff

Mirlith's shattered wizard's staff


A pale, driftwood colored staff standing 6 feet tall. 5 thin, twisting branches of sanded ironwood reach skywards and come to fruition at the top of this once powerful arcane implement. Splayed at the top like five fingers grasping for a lost object, the apex of the staff is an empty orb of wood where something of significance once rested.

+2 Magic Staff


Originally intended as a gift for his ascension as a full-fledged mage, this staff stands as the shattered symbol of Mirlith’s brief arcane education. Sallas the Fool, Mirlith’s one and only instructor, acquired it in his younger years while exploring the labyrinthine madness wrought by the dungeonlust of this continent’s most demented architects. In its complete form, a tall green crystal, verdant as the most sylvan of elven dwellings sat at its apex. However, impatient to make it his own and ill-content with its current form, Mirlith secretly spent a solid year sculpting it with minute but powerful beams of arcane force to carve the great crystal into a form more befitting of his path. Having discovered his young apprentices work, Sallas grew furious at the desecration of the sacred artifact that was not yet even Mirlith’s property. In a rage he destroyed the crystal and telekenetically cast the staff miles into the countryside that surrounded his cabin. No longer a student of the master wizard, the young mage spent the next 3 months searching for the staff, finally locating it in the depths of a bog further northward. Finding that staff and swearing to make it whole again, Mirlith began the journey to complete his training and unlock the secrets of reality itself.

Broken Staff

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