Claw Claw Bite

Back Story

AGE 10:Two Young brothers, Cameron(14yo) and Bernard Helios (10yo) have had a relatively uneventful life. Schooling and chores took up a large part of their day. But when all the work complete, the boys would sneak away to the Wizards house at the far edge of town.
The boys loved magic but were always afraid of the wizard, that he might change them into something awful. They would make-believe they were fighting evil creatures and mythical beast. Cameron was always the Wizard and Bernard the “foe that must be stopped!”

After a particularly hard day of shoveling horse droppings and planting a new crop of pumpkins, the boys decide to break away from the family farm early and go spy on the Dusty old wizard at the edge of town. When the arrived the cottage was empty. The brothers scouted around the house for a few minutes.
“Lets go inside, I think he is gone!” said Cameron in a hushed voice.
Bernard, still very afraid of the thought of being a frog forever said, “Brother, No. I don’t want to eat flys and bugs for the rest of my life!”
“Bwhahaha, Bernard it’s fine you have the ‘Great Wizard Cameron’to protect you!” be laughed as he thought of a frog with Bernards face.

A few minutes later the 2 were inside and candles a lite. They peaked and poked around the wizards home. They found all sorts for potions and strange items the wizard used for his work. One items stood out, the boys could here a soft voice coming from a scroll, A big scroll on the worktable in the center of the room.
Cameron grabs the scroll and starts to pick at the waxy coating on its edges. The boys hear a creek behind them. Its the door to the house, its the wizard. The brothers scurry for a place to hide, under the worktable behind the drapes.

The wizard comes in, he is tried from a whatever it was he was doing outside the house. He removes his coat and tosses it on his worktable. Bernard is now safe from view completely. The old man walk into a small closet. Cameron makes a break from the drapes and slid to his brothers side with a surprising large grin.
“come on Brother while he is in the other room” whispered Cameron.
“Hurry hes coming, go Cameron!” Bernard said as he shoved his older brother from below the table.

Giggling and jumping all the way to thier home the brothers relive their “near capture by the dark wizard”. at the fence along the thier land Cameron stops, pulls the scroll from his belt. “Bernard go get a candle from the kitchen, I want to see what it says.”
Bernard returns a short time later to his brother already chipping away at the wax seal over the edge of the scroll. with the candle lit and wax almost completely gone the boys hear the voice again, its not talking. Its speaking to them, but not with words.
“Did you hear that?”,
“Did you hear that?” the brothers ask at the same time.
The whispers continue in their heads. Bernard excited by what he is hearing tears the scroll from his brother to see what in the scroll could be talking to his head. Cameron snaps the scroll back, as the two tug over the parchment it falls to the ground.
slowly it starts to unroll on its own. Bernard starts to shake. Cameron is tense and clenching his fists in fear. The soft voice in now angry and harsh, the whispers in their heads are now shouts and shrieks to loud to bare. the scroll finally opens all the way and the Image of a Petrikov the Cold, a Glabrezu.
Cameron pushes Bernard aside and lets out a yelp as the image passes into his body. Cameron drops. Almost completely lifeless except the gentle lift of this chest from his breathing. Bernard lay crying, his hands burned and his brother possessed.

Age 12: After 2 years, the night hadn’t left Bernards mind, or his life. His brother still hosting the demon was weak and threw fits. The towns people started to hate the Helios house because the believed them cursed by the gods.
the family had thus fallen onto bad times and had to leave their beloved home. They wondered from place to place, trying hoping that the next town would hold refuge for the son that they loved so dearly. With money and food both in sort supply the family had a tough decision to make. Leave the possessed son to die or abandon the strong to fend for himself.
The family wept as they said their goodbyes at the temple of light in a small village. Bernard cried for 2 days.

Time at the Temple 12-25: The time spent at the temple past quickly for Bernard. Studies and chores filled his days. Training his mind and his body to be a weapon for the God Palor.
Because of the dark nature of Camerons condition Bernard kept mostly to himself, for fear the others at the temple that he loved so dear would send him away as well. Time did pass and as every cleric must do, Bernard left. Out to seek knowledge and adventure and his place in the world, also to find the demon that had taken over his Brother and find his lost family.
Just before leaving the Temple the head cleric came to Bernard.
“My son I know what it is you are out to do. I know what has befallen your Brother. You would cry out in your sleep as a boy. I would like you to take my Symbol of faith with you. Its old but its full of Palors Light. Now go safety and health to you ‘Kalmimdon’.”
“Thank you. Master, with this, my faith, and my sketch of the seal I shall find that demon and shine Palors Light upon him!”



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