Claw Claw Bite

A few words about Link Stonediver

The dwarf known as “Link” Stonediver (né Lester Stonediver, son of Lorin Stonediver, grandson of Loper Stonediver) grew up in a small mountain village in the Three Peaks area of the Old Continent. The Stonedivers and related clans mined the high mountains for iron, tin, copper, and occasionally exotic metals and even gems. From an early age, Link showed promise with martial axes and hammers, and at age 20 joined the local militia to patrol the mountain passes for orcs and goblinoids.

While the Stonedivers have never been known for their silver tongues, Link proved to be a capable commander (especially in the heat of battle), and soon took to leading the more dangerous patrols and raids. Link continued to hone his martial skills, adding the crossbow and spiked chain to his repertoire (it was at this time that the young dwarf took up the nickname “Link” and abandoned his given name Lester).

From the moment Link heard the first rumors of the “New Continent” and the mystical races who lived there, Link knew he had to see these sights for himself (especially the great pyramids of the Southern “native” dwarves). Why were the dwarves divided among separate clans? Perhaps Link himself could play a small part in bringing the native and Old Continent dwarves together.

Link left his mountain village a little earlier than planned after accidentally insulting the village chieftan. Pilorus Rockraider threatened to cleave Link’s head into three pieces after Link called him a “sniveling short-beard” after one too many glasses of honey mead (and rightfully so, in response to Pilorus’s constant complaining about the falling price of iron, the rising goblinoid population, the coldness of winter, and an endless plethora of minor discomforts and the imperfections, also known as daily life in the mountains). Link sewed a final ring into his beard and took to the road, with only his gear, his pipe, and no more than half a pound of high-hill smokeweed.

Link saw more in his first weeks of traveling than he had in three decades of village life. He saw women without beards. He tasted chicken for the first time (though he has yet to see a live one). He tasted both whiskey and wine but resolved to stick with his beloved honey mead and smokeweed (though half of the latter was stolen by a filthy gnome cutpurse).

Upon finally reaching the new continent, Link found his first employ in the service of a distinguished Wizard, Gerard the Grizzled. Noting the sharpness of Link’s axe, and appreciating his “can-do” attitude, Gerard hired Link to clear out a giant family of four dozen giant barn-rats from his personal wine cellar (previously a grain and wine cellar, but the barn-rats ate all the grain). In gratitude, Gerard gifted Link with a fine enchantment on his dwarven mail.

Link Stonediver considers himself a lucky dwarf. He hopes to meet the pyramid builders. He hopes to see a live chicken, and taste more dead ones. And one day, perhaps Link will bring all dwarves together under Moradin, and one rightful dwarven king.



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