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New information about the campaign will be posted here.

News for September 25th, 2012:
We had our first session on Sunday, just a chargen, but it was still fun! I just updated a couple things on OP, and we’re getting geared up for this next Sunday, when the players will kick in the door! I also apologize for the bad updating of the info here. I’m trying to get organized with all this info, but I’ve kind of had to dive in face first, and I’m still trying to figure out which way is up. Anyway, it will get better.

September 16th, 2012:
The game has a few bites, and we’re set up for formal character generation and campaign beginnings on September 23rd. Also there are some edits below detailing the available races and classes. This section is in beta, and I will make exceptions for good arguments, or change things that need changing.

September 5th, 2012:
Obsidian Portal page created! CCB is actively seeking new players! Please take a peruse at my first bit of writing below to get a feel for what I’m trying to start, and get back to me if it sounds like something you’d be interested in!

Q: What is CCB?

A: CCB is a campaign story set in [The world], spanning a vast continent of my creation and possibly beyond. Player characters (PCs) in [The world] will be treated to epic high fantasy with an old-school flair as they attempt to navigate a vast series of roadblocks that make up the path to their destinies.
Fourth edition D&D rulebooks will be used, but several major tweaks have been made to the accepted memes of D&D, so an open mind is expected. That being said, there will not be dinosaurs with lasers. [The world] will be familiar and manageable to any RPG or fantasy geek. [The world] contains many familiar and many unique biomes to explore, filled with lists of monsters for random encounters, NPC’s to interact with, dungeons to explore, and great beasts of legend to slay for wondrous treasure and useful reknown.

Q: What kind of players are sought for the CCB campaign?

A: I am interested in people with strengths in attributes that could be described as either social, roleplaying, or bookkeeping. I am specifically not looking for people who are interested in playing a game of math. While there will be many, many encounters, all players in CCB must be able to contribute to the campaign significantly in one of the above ways. Basically, if you’re not the type of person I’d like to go have a beer with, you should be a great flavor element with excellent roleplaying or be willing to shoulder some of the bookkeeping tasks associated with keeping player characters up to date and moving the game and campaign along.

Q: What kind of DM runs CCB?

A: CCB will be run with fairness and balance, but also firmness. Once the die is cast, the deed is done. If you are venturing too close to the lair of Morgenshae the blue dragon, I will give several warnings, but if my warnings are ignored, Morgenshae will eat your PCs. My expectations can help define my style of Dungeon Mastering. I expect that all players in CCB:

  • Make several characters at various levels in case their original PCs die.
  • Roll up their PCs with me, & according to strict guidelines and rules.
  • Actually have any item they wish to use written on their character sheet, and must keep track of used items.
  • Develop backstory for their characters that makes sense within the unique campaign world I have created.
  • Understand & accept that when PCs (and NPCs) die, without rare and powerful magic, they stay dead.
  • Bring literature associated with each of their skills, items, feats, etc., to every game. Experience may be docked for extended look-ups due to lack of reasonable planning. I do not require that you own any books to play, but you should obtain the relevant passages somehow.

So you know a lot about what I expect from you, but what can you expect from me? I can tell you that diligent players will be rewarded with intricate planning and expansive stories. You will have the freedom of exploring any of the vast areas in [The world]. You will not be railroaded. I’ve formed the overall storyline, parts of it will trigger based on a timeline, and parts will trigger based on player actions, but at no time will players be expected to follow any sort of task. If the party feels like exploring the ruins of Mallon instead of continuing to pursue the Fentish spies, that’s fine. I may need to set aside the planned adventure, but that’s the kind of game I am building. Players should know that while some opportunities for glory and ancient artifacts of power are hidden and secret or so well-guarded that they will persist, some opportunities are fleeting and can be instead exploited by a cast of dynamic NPCs vying with the PCs for fame and power.

Q: Will CCB have elements from X campaign setting or fantasy world?

A: You may find some things familiar in this world, some races, such as the Drow of Menzoberranzen, are borrowed (mostly) without change (no, you cannot play a Drow) from the Forgotten Realms campaign. Some rules regarding elements of arcane machina will be borrowed from Eberron, but not much. Some elements will be borrowed and weaved in. Some may seem unfamiliar at first, but then become apparent. I ask that players bear with me as I blatantly steal themes and details from the many great authors and designers who have contributed to the fantasy I love.

Character Creation (must be done with DM):
  1. Select a Name and Race.
  2. Roll Stats: roll 4d6, excluding the lowest die, six times. Assign these numbers to str, dex, con, int, wis, cha.
  3. If the total of all six of your stats is 72 or below, you may elect to reroll all of your stats.
  4. You may, at this time, select one stat to re-roll. The current stat is erased, and that stat is re-rolled as above. This option should be exercised with caution, as it is permanent.
  5. Apply racial bonuses and penalties to stats.
  6. Select a Class from the list of classes below. You must meet the listed stat requirements to join a class. If you do not, you must select another class.
  7. Submit your Name/Race/Stats/Class for addition to the campaign.
  8. Flesh out your character. At a minimum, all necessary fields on a character sheet must be filled out. A meticulous player will have gone over their entire character sheet several times correcting errors and looking up information they aren’t sure about. They will have one or more sheets of background information, pictures, equipment lists, power cards, a miniature, etc.
  9. Submit your fleshed out character for final approval.

Player Classes:

Races: all

Races: Human, Wood Elf, Githzerai, Halfling, Gensai, Half Orc

Races: Human, Dwarf, Githzerai

Races: all

Races: Human, Half Elf, High Elf, Gnome, Githzerai, Native Dwarf, Shardmind, Gensai, Immigrant Halfling

Races: all

Races: Human, Half Elf, High Elf, Gnome, Githzerai, Native Dwarf, Half Orc, Shardmind

Races: all

Races: Human, Wood Elf, Githzerai, Halfling, Gensai

Races: all

Races: Human, Wood Elf, Githzerai, Immigrant Halfling, Half Orc

Races: all

Races: Human, Githzerai, High Elf, Native Dwarf, Shardmind, Gensai

Human, Half Orc, Githzerai, Native Dwarf

Invoker: Native Dwarf
Runepriest: Native Dwarf
Shaman: Native Dwarf

Battlemind: Native Dwarf & Native Halfling

Psion: Native Halfling
Ardent: Native Halfling
Monk: Native Halfling
Warden: Native Halfling

These classes are only playable by the indicated races, and do not have any stat requirements.

Player Races:

Human, Elf, Gnome, Half Elf, Half Orc, Wood Elf (Elf), High Elf (Eladrin), Githzerai, Wilden, Shardmind, Gensai: as per d&d 4e basic rules in the relevant supplements. These are the Immigrant races of [world], and hold equal caste as far as roots, in this place.

Only halflings and dwarves are indigenous to this continent. Halflings and dwarves may be played as immigrants or native. If dwarves or halflings are played as immigrants, they are as per 4th edition rules, within the class restrictions above. If dwarves or halflings are played as natives, they have access to psionic classes and multiclasses. Players not native to this continent cannot be psionic classes.

Native Dwarves and Halflings have unique racial features and abilities:

Native Dwarves:
Languages: Native Common, Common, choice of one other.
+2 Con, +2 Wis, +2 Cha
+2 Perception, +2 Dungeoneering
Native Dwarves may be shamans, invokers, battleminds, and runepriests.
Native Dwarves and any party they lead may move through jungle terrain as if they were on a road.
Native Dwarves grant a +2 racial bonus to nature checks to any ally within 10 squares.
Wild Step: Ignore difficult terrain when you shift, even if you have an ability that lets you shift more than 1 square.
Cast Iron Stomach: +5 Racial SvVsPoison
Dwarven Resiliance: Use 2nd wind as minor instead of standard.
Encumbered Speed: Move at normal speed when you would normall have your speed reduced by armor or a heavy load.
Stand Your Ground: If an effect forces you to move, it forces you one less, if only 1, then it doesnt unless you choose to. Also, Make immediate SvVsProne.

Native Halflings:
Languages: Native Common, Common, Native Halfling, choice of one other.
2 Dex, +2 Int, +2 Cha
+2 Stealth, +2 Athletics
Native halflings may be psions, ardents, battleminds, and monks.
Wire Fighting: Once per day, a native halfling may exert psychic energy to slow themselves while falling. The number of times one may use this ability increases to twice for the paragon tier and three times for the epic tier. At Paragon Tier, Native Halflings may also jump twice as far as normal once per day, and twice per day in the epic tier.
Martyr’s Stand: Bloodied Native Halflings enter a state of fury, increasing their AC and adding psychic damage to any other damage they do, even if the damage is to multiple targets. The AC bonus and amount of psychic damage depends on level: 1-5/
2, 6-10/3, 11-15/5, 16-20/6, 21-25/8, 26-30/+10

If only ‘dwarf’ or ‘halfling’ is listed above, it applies to native and immigrant versions of the race.

Native halfling and dwarf characters will also have access to the (usually closed) homeland of their race automatically, and may bring their party with them. This access can alternatively be acheived through other means such as great deeds or contracts, etc.

Wood Elves of the Long Watch:
At the time of the Great Exodus, a regiment of Wood Elves stayed behind to guard The Tree. These Elves have become especially attuned to the wilderness of various regions of Jornhal. For this reason, Wood Elves of the Long Watch gain the Scavenger racial feature.
Scavenger: Wood Elves of the Long Watch and their parties never need to consume stored rations while they can freely move in the wilderness.

When and Where will CCB meet?

This is totally up in the air right now. I can’t host this kind of game at my place, but I am able to get anywhere in the north or east bay, providing rides etc., in order to make it happen. I am also free every night but Sunday. If a player can commit their space one night a week to a game, that would be ideal, otherwise we’ll have to make other arrangements. As for a starting date, I plan on starting one week after we secure both a place to play and a third player. Players will be added as they come until we have a maximum of six.

Claw Claw Bite

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